Actisol Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer With Aloevera, Neema & Tulsi (500 ml., Gel based)


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  • REMOVES GERMS & KEEPS US SAFE: Actisol Hand Sanitizer is a 95% Ethyl Alcohol based cleanser that remove germs from your hand to keep you safe from all kinds of infection-causing possibilities whether you’re indoor & outdoor.
  • FOR ALL PURPOSE & PLACES: Whether you’re at home or on the job, this alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer can be used anywhere and everywhere. It is ideal for hospitals, schools, offices, gyms and much more. It includes a convenient straw-lock to protect your personal items from leaks, spills or drops.
  • WATERLESS, NON-STICKY & NON-IRRITATING : You don’t have to keep water, soap or anything else to disinfect your hand quickly as it does not need any rinsing with water or drying with towels. Moreover, the offered hand sanitizer is free from any ingredient that may irritate your hands.
  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION : It will offer you long-lasting protection so you won’t have to apply it repeatedly on your hands. Besides, it is a 95% Ethyl Alcohol based concentrated formula so a bottle of this hand sanitizer will go a long way for your hand sanitization.
  • DIRECTION FOR USE: Take out an appropriate amount (2-3ml) of hand sanitizer to moisten your palm and rub for 10-15 seconds front back to front & in-between your fingers until the gel covers your hands & dries. Do not wash with water.
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